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Steg!® - the original since 1999

Select Wellness invented the Steg! programme in 1999, and step competitions have since become enormously popular in many countries. Graduate economist and health auditor Stefan Lundström has determined that pedometers can deliver a return on investment (ROI) of up to five times your original investment. Since the start in 1999, Steg! has probably saved at least EUR 40 million, just in reduced sick costs, Mr Lundström estimates.

A tested and
proven concept

Steg! is an effective and thoroughly proven concept for well-being that has helped many companies become healthier. Research is currently being conducted in Sweden and the United States, investigating exercise habits and health. Steg! is the system used by these researchers. No matter how many employees you have in your organisation, or the state of organisational health, we'll work together to set a common health goal. Once the goal is set, the programme is implemented under the direction of a Select Wellness project manager. Steg! is already used in a number of different countries with great success.

The reason Steg! is so successful is that participants need no special equipment or knowledge - all that's required is a pedometer and a pair of shoes. Almost everyone can walk, and do so almost anywhere. The Select Wellness concept is based on simple, everyday physical activity, to achieve small but essential improvements in lifestyle. Each competition participant receives log-in access to the competition website, where daily progress is shown. In addition to demonstrating the importance of daily physical activity, Steg! makes exercise simple and fun.


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